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Welcome to SEO Department. Codendot established its SEO company in Lebanon in 2011. SEO Services and online presence became an essential need for small and professional businesses to reach their target and to keep their successes. Accordingly, Codendot's SEO Company in Lebanon began with our clients' websites to meet their SEO Services requests. Therefore our SEO company in Lebanon started its SEO Services aiming to reach our target in Lebanon market especially and Gulf, Western Europe and North of America market.

The evolution of internet technologies and users’ growth made it crucial for companies in Lebanon and in the world to use “online Marketing” instead of standard expensive marketing and advertisement.
Consequently Internet users statistics in Lebanon give more evidence why businesses and companies in Lebanon SEO and SEM “Online Marketing” became a necessity. Businesses and companies in Lebanon will need SEO and SEM “online marketing” to get a successful websites getting traffic to sell their products and services. So for businesses and companies in Lebanon, SEO and SEM main objective is to deliver more cost effective advertising and marketing tools.

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